The 5-Step Strategy My Clients Use to Get Consistent Results with Options

(without being glued to a computer screen all day!)

In This Masterclass, You'll Discover...


  The 5-step strategy my clients use to effortlessly attract trade setups with options.

 Why "traditional" options strategies are now the WORST way to trade, and how this simple technique is a consistent approach to managing options trading. 

 How my clients get paid "upfront" on every trade, without taking big risks.

 The unique and super-simple 5-step system that my clients use to replace (or add to) their trading portfolio for new and experienced traders alike.

 How my clients are able to reduce their screen time with options strategies that do not require hours in front of a computer.

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Dr. Barry Burns

Barry Burns is the founder of Options Trading Wealthstyles and Top Dog Trading. He's helped traders all over the world become full-time traders.